Welcome Message by the Charge d’ Affairs

We welcome you to the Libyan Embassy to Kingdom of Belgium, Duchy of Luxembourg and the European Union. We hope we will provide you through our website with an overview about the nature of our mission and goals, aiming to improve our relationship wherever we are accredited. We further aspire that this mission will assume responsibilities, dressing the current challenges, in order to guarantee Libya’s Stability, at political, security and cultural levels.
The Mission reaffirms the relationship between Libya and the members of the EU states will continue, and the mission will spare no efforts to contribute to the stability of Libya, tapping into its enormous potential resources to build a strong partnership based on equality and common interests. We take this opportunity to develop strategic relations with the Kingdom of Belgium, Duchy of Luxembourg on the economic, cultural and political levels, strengthening the bond of trust between our nations.
We also seize this opportunity to extend our sincere welcome to the Libyan community residing in Belgium or any other EU States. We will endeavour to serve our community to the best of our ability and wish our mission to be of great service, and provide a useful resource to connect you to your homeland.  We also commit to serve our country, preserve its integrity and components. We wish to provide best services to all Libyans .We also commit to do our best to achieve these noble goals cherished by all.


Charge d'affaires.