• Make sure to have a passport validity duration of no less than six months.

• Make sure to obtain visas and entry permits from the countries that issued the visa before moving between the Schengen countries.

• Comply with regulations and laws of the host country, abide by the travel terms and regulations of the international aviation.

• Comply with all safety procedures at airports, and do not carry any prohibited items.

• Keep official documents , i.e. passports, flight tickets, and Valuable personal belongings in safe places.

• Do not respond to people who inquire about your nationality or ask you to show your ID card without checking their official capacity.

• While driving in the kingdom of Belgium, you must carry a valid international driving license, & you have to abide by the traffic laws to avoid legal accountability or fines.

• Prefer not to carry amounts exceeding the fixed limit While traveling with out currency approval.

• Pay attention to your children while you are in the markets or any crowded place & Child cruelty is illegal in both public places and at home.

• Keep the telephone numbers of the Embassy of Libya with you for reference when needed.